100 Free IUI

100 Free IUI

GarbhaGudi Group celebrates the joys of today, memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow as we step into the 11th year of miraculously delivering happiness into lives of more than 6,700 couples.  When we celebrate, we want others to rejoice too.  As a part of the celebration, under the banner of GarbhaGnan Foundation, we are offering 100 FREE IUIs to couples who register at the earliest.

Why free IUI?

Most couples are concerned about the cost and complexity involved in IUI procedure, and hesitate to take the initiative.  We understand the need of the hour and we are striving to do the best we can to help.  As a part of our celebration of stepping into 11th year of successfully treating infertility, we are offering 100 free IUIs to couple who register in the month of April.  Consult our doctors to know your candidacy for IUI and to avail this benefit.

Our initiative to render FREE IUI is an effort to encourage and motivate more and more couples to explore the options available.  GarbhaGudi has been all ears to the difficult circumstances and misconceptions about IVF and IUI and is more than willing to serve as much as we can in this regard. 

We strongly believe that our joys multiply when we make others happy.  Strongly adhering to this concept, our services are focused at bringing joy into as many lives as possible and the FREE IUI is a small initiative in this direction.

How can it be free?

GarbhaGnan Foundation is a part of the GarbhaGudi group of organizations and is a not-for-profit trust that has been setup to provide service to needy people. All of the community projects (including the 100 free IUIs) and CSR initiatives of GarbhaGudi are executed under the banner of GarbhaGnan Foundation. The cost related to the free IUI cycles is being borne by the foundation through the funds that it has raised.

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