Is infertility a woman’s problem?

Is infertility a woman’s problem?

Motherhood is one of the most significant potential influences in human life. A driving force and an incredible, rewarding, and joyful ride. Every woman’s ultimate desire on this earth is to become a mother. Though most women become mothers the natural way according to the law of nature, it sometimes becomes challenging. It is then that a woman’s spirits break down, gets shattered, gets upset, and tends to believe the world has turned upside down – like the world has come to a standstill and begins to blame herself for this. It is the mindset that infertility is traditionally thought to be due to women. However, that is not true. Infertility is not necessarily only a woman’s problem. Infertility could be due to issues related to specific conditions in both men and women. While some causes for infertility could be due to problems with women, there are particular causes due to men. While the common causes of infertility a woman could carry are:

• Untreated bacterial infections such as gonorrhoea and Chlamydia.

• Blocked fallopian tubes.

• Difficulty in ovulating.

• Shape and size of the uterus.

• Endometriosis

There are many causes that men contribute to infertility. The most significant ones are:

• Untreated bacterial infections such as gonorrhoea and Chlamydia.

• Sperm motility (if the sperm is unable to unite with the egg).

• Sperm count (if it is either absent or too low in the semen).

• Dyspareunia (difficult intercourse).

• Deformed sperm.

• Lifestyle (excessive usage of tobacco and alcohol).

• Injury to sexual organs or genitals.

• Certain drugs.

• Weight or BMI of the body.

Apart from the above conditions, there could be some underlying inherited conditions like chromosomal disorders or hormonal fluctuations. Some problems related to the prostate or testicles can also lead to infertility issues. It is of significance to note that certain medical conditions in men too can lead to infertility.

• Ejaculation issues: Retrograde ejaculation, could be due to a history of diabetes, spinal problems, or injury to the prostate.

• Varicocele: A condition that leads to a decrease in the quality and quantity of sperm.

• Tumours: If one has suffered any kind of tumour requiring radiation or chemotherapy can affect the fertility rate.

It would be surprising to know that there are also environmental causes that lead to infertility:

• Constant exposure to toxic chemicals and fumes.

• Exposure to harmful radiations.

• Sedentary work requiring prolonged sitting.

• Tight clothing.

It could be challenging to diagnose male infertility, but not impossible. Early care and treatment can help cope with this situation. With the advancement of science and technology, the world has evolved so that the impossible things have now become possible. Infertility treatment is not an exception. Most men could feel uncomfortable expressing their concern. Therefore, it is of extreme importance that one feels free to voice out if experiencing any of the signs or symptoms are suspected of hindering stepping into parenthood. Prompt attention and proper care under the guidance of the best facility is all that one needs to overcome this challenge to move towards enjoying parenthood.

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