IVF or IUI, which one is better for you?

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IVF or IUI, which one is better for you?

IVF or IUI, which one is better for you?

What is IVF & IUI?

In-Vitro Fertilization is the full form of IVF, and IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination. IVF and IUI are the most common fertility treatments that are recommended and followed by doctors. Let us check out the difference between these two procedures to ascertain what is best for you.

IVF is a fertility treatment method where a woman’s eggs are extracted or retrieved using a needle. Egg collection is a simple, painless procedure that usually lasts only half an hour and is combined with sperm or fertilized outside the body in a laboratory dish. The embryos are monitored and allowed to develop in the laboratory for a few days, and depending on various factors, one or more embryos may be placed back into the woman's uterus when ready through a thin catheter. If the embryo is successfully implanted in the uterine lining, there are high chances of pregnancy to occur.

On the other hand, in IUI, also referred to as artificial insemination, instead of retrieving a woman's eggs male partner’s sperm is washed and then transferred into female reproductive organ for fertilization. Typically stimulated with medications, IUI can be scheduled with a woman's natural ovulatory cycle when the natural ovulatory pattern is askew.

The sperm will travel through the cervix and up to the fallopian tubes naturally.

In short, the steps in In-Vitro Fertilization are:

1. Egg collection

2. Fertilization

3. Embryo development

4. Embryo transfer

The steps in Intrauterine insemination are:

1. Ovulation stimulation

2. Semen procurement

3. Sperm procurement

4. Cervical cleansing

5. Insemination

Pros and cons of IVF & IUI

IVF procedure is considered a more reliable and successful treatment compared to IUI.

IVF treatment is a more preferred treatment increasing the chances of conception among women.

The procurement of eggs is the key difference between both procedures.

In the IUI procedure, a woman only needs to produce one or two eggs for fertilization to take place, while for the IVF procedure to be successful, women should produce multiple mature eggs. Medications taken induce the growth of the eggs and stimulate ovulation.

In IVF, there is a possibility that even after retrieval of 10-15 healthy eggs, none of them might result in a pregnancy. In some cases, it can result in multiple pregnancies.

In both procedures, fertility hormonal drugs have to be taken to increase the success rate, having a few side effects that could last for a short time.

IUI is a non-invasive and less expensive treatment involving fewer steps. Generally, doctors recommend some cycles of IUI, considering other parameters before suggesting IVF. If IUI treatment fails, IVF is recommended for couples.

For women who do not undergo ovulation regularly, IUI could be helpful. Among men whose sperm quality is mildly affected, IUI could help increase the chances of fertilization.

IVF is beneficial for women with blocked fallopian tubes, having PCOD, endometriosis, premature ovarian failure, etc., which hinders natural pregnancy.

Couples facing unexplained infertility could also opt for IVF treatment to help them conceive and deliver a healthy child.

With IVF, the risk of multiple pregnancies can be reduced by transferring only one embryo. The remaining embryos can be preserved and frozen for future use.

IUI carries no risk of premature births, whereas IVF is associated with a slightly increased likelihood of low birth weight and premature delivery.

Is IVF or IUI more successful?

While IVF boasts high success rates, the success of both treatments depends on several factors, such as age, underlying infertility concerns, current health conditions, etc.

Do consult our experienced panel of fertility specialists at GarbhaGudi IVF Centers to know your chances of conceiving. Although IUI might work better for some couples, if IUI fails, IVF is always there and is sure to give way. However, in both of the procedures, the highest quality of sperm is utilised for fertilization to take place.

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