Let’s Discuss Andropause

Let’s Discuss Andropause

Most of us are only aware of menopause in women and often fail to look at the other side, where men undergo a similar phase of life called ‘andropause’. Let’s break andropause wide open and discuss what it is, why men might experience it, and what the symptoms are.

Andropause can be defined as the gradual decline of testosterone levels due to hormonal changes in men due to ageing. However, this is entirely a different condition from menopause in women. During menopause, women stop producing estrogen around their late 40s whereas, male-menopause (andropause) only slows down testosterone production. Men remain fertile throughout their lifetime, although the quality and quantity of sperm decline with age.

Common symptoms of andropause include:

• Increase in body fat and muscle mass

• Erectile dysfunction

• Decreased libido (low sex drive)

• Disturbance in sleep patterns

• Mood swings and Irritability

• Depression and anxiety

• Lack of energy

• Hot flashes

It’s vital to know that the signs and symptoms of male menopause can be different in every person. Men who go through this phase of life also have an increased risk of developing specific complications like osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease,s and more.

Therefore, a man’s fertility is affected due to lower sperm count, lower sperm motility, and lower libido. To overcome this, there is a range of natural and hormonal supplements that can reignite a man’s androgen production, libido, and physical performance, along with testosterone replacement therapies. Still, certain lifestyle modifications are highly recommended to reverse this scenario where there’s a decline in testosterone levels. This could be a combination of physical activities and dietary changes.

To manage male menopause, you can embark on the below-mentioned solutions

Stress management

Stress management techniques are beneficial to ease your symptoms, whether it’s through meditation, music, reading, or anything else. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine, and stick to healthier ways such as practicing relaxation techniques, like deep breathing.

Healthy eating

Maintaining a wholesome diet is an essential lifestyle change at all stages of life. Make sure to drink enough water, and have a variety of fruits and vegetables. Stay away from processed food salty, and sugary foods.

Move constantly

Exercising keeps you active, and it’s not only about running or jogging. A quick walk after your meal can do wonders. You can also indulge yourself in yoga or swimming classes, which will be highly beneficial.

All of these small lifestyle changes can make a significant impact on your overall well-being. Many other factors may help to avoid early andropause. If you still feel that andropause is overwhelming, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your doctor.

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