What Made You Get Out of Shape?

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What Made You Get Out of Shape?

Have you started noticing a sudden weight gain more than ever before? Then it’s time to delve a bit deeper and try to find out what else might be the reasons!

If weight gain is not related to any health condition, there could be a variety of underlying causes.

Some of the common factors include:

Lack of sleep

Two main reasons connect sleep and weight gain. Let’s say you’re dead late to bed every other night, so the odds are high that you are indulging in some light-night snacking, which directly means more calories. The other is all about hormone fluctuations in your body resulting from lack of sleep. This increases your appetite and also makes you feel hungry after full eating.


When life gets complicated, the demands get too intense. Our bodies go to survival mode during such times, and cortisol’s stress hormone increases hunger levels. Consequently, we look for calorie-comfort foods, which become an excellent breeding ground for weight gain.


If your thyroid gland is not producing enough hormone, it can cause tiredness, weakness and make you gain weight. Lack of thyroid hormone leads to slow metabolism and causes weight gain. Even a lower mark of the normal range can lead to weight gain. Treating thyroid issues with appropriate medications can reverse weight gain up to some extent.


Most women gain weight around menopause time, not just because of the hormonal changes but also because of the slowed metabolism, which burns fewer calories. It’s highly recommended to focus on fitness and healthy diet habits at this point in time.


PCOS is a big game-changer of modern women’s health. It’s a common condition found mainly in women of childbearing age. This condition is known to be one of the significant reasons for weight gain and increases the risk of heart diseases in women up to a great extent.

Ways to overcome

There are different ways to treat such rapid weight gain. The best and most effective line of treatment depends on the cause of your weight gain. If hormonal imbalance is a reason, your specialist may prescribe medications to get rid of the imbalance and closely monitor your progress. Simultaneously, it is essential to start exercising and following healthy eating habits without any delay. This helps to reduce weight and gives positive outcomes in your weight loss journey and any treatment you follow.

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