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NABH Co-ordinator

NABH Co-ordinator

Qualification: BAMS/BHMS/MHA/MBBS

Experience: 1 to 3 Years

Location: Jayanagar

Job Responsibilities

1. Assess, initiate and implement Quality improvement in line with organization policies and Processes.

2. Identify the issues/risk areas which depletes the Quality and bring the same to the notice of department heads, unit head, discuss, plan and initiate the activities to plug the same with action plan.

3. Form a NABH Team/Committee in each of the Hospital to ensure day today clinical, operational quality aspects are met as per the NABH Standard.

4. Coordinate with customer care team both at Unit and at HO to understand Patients complaints, short comings in facilities i.e overall Patient satisfaction survey, work on meeting the gaps.

5. Facilitate NABH Team meeting and ensure to meet the reviewed non-conformances, observations, cleanliness, quality procedures followed.

6. Conduct Periodical Internal Quality Audit and ensure all the legal & statutory requirements met, last audits gap’s closed.

7. Train, coach department heads/In charge in use of quality tools, Processes and techniques used to measure effectiveness, quality and accuracy of operations, variations and solving the same.

8. MIS Reports, KPI, KPIs, corrective actions, target plans, time period to meet the non-complained areas.

9. Key observation towards industry trends, recommendations for changes and/or Processes.

10. Perform other related duties/responsibilities as assigned or requested by Management

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