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Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Qualification: Master's

Experience: 8+ Years (In Healthcare)

Location: South End Circle

Our expanding company is seeking to hire an operations manager to join our leadership team. You will be in charge of providing inspired leadership for the operation of one of our organization's lines of business, which involves making important policy and strategic decisions, as well as the development and implementation of operational policies and procedures. You will help promote a company culture that encourages morale and performance. Successful candidates will have a Masters's degree in the relevant field and have prior experience in a management or leadership position. A deep understanding of financial management is also a plus.
Job Responsibilities

Manpower Planning – Coordinating requirements with the Managers of each centre, checking on the workforce, updating Back Office Executive, assisting Back off Executive in screening and shortlisting candidates.

Attendance – Crosscheck the attendance monthly with managers. Monitor leave of all departments. Manager’s attendance and leave to be planned and approved. Extra working hours of managers need to be supported as well.

Training – On-job training and training on Infertility for new joiners. Assess staff needs and initiate periodic training programs for working staff. Monitor and review the progress of staff to provide satisfactory couple delight. Applying ERRC and 3T principles quarterly.

Roster – Review monthly roster for all departments in coordination with all managers. Support all departments in arranging alternate human resources (Consultants and staff) and assuring smooth functioning of the centre.

Grievance Management – Handle a couple of issues quickly and accurately. Ensure couple delight by maintaining solid relationships. Oversee and ensure that all the staffs deliver quality service to couples.

Service Support – Ensure couples retention by proactively analyzing couples’ concerns and announcing special discounts/offers (in line with Management).

Marketing Support – Assist the Marketing team in arranging camps and required workforce support to execute the event effectively. Weekly call with the Business Development team to ensure timely disburse monthly referral payments and aid needed from each concenter business development activity.

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