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Senior Pharmacist

Senior Pharmacist

Qualification: Pharmacy

Experience: 2 Years

Location: Bangalore

The Senior Pharmacist has day-to-day responsibility for the operational supervision of the technical operation within their respective departmental activities, dealing with problems, providing expert technical input, provides a comprehensive assessment, ordering, and dispensing, checking and pharmaceutical advice service from within the pharmacy department.
Job Responsibilities

1. Has day-to-day responsibility for the supervision of and technical operation of the department.

2. Dispensing Medicines as per doctor’s prescriptions.

3. Resolves stock discrepancies and action drug alerts.

4. Is involved in the ordering of medicinal products as required.

5. Participates in the timely, accurate and cost-effective dispensing of medication which may include clinical trials, and unlicensed medicines.

6. Creates, manages and analyses databases as required.

7. Liaises with nursing, other clinical staff and deals with patients and their relatives/carers, including those with language problems or other disabilities which may be in the department.

8. Counsels patients on medication use.

9. Participates in maintaining correct stock levels & to ensure correct stock levels in the relevant area and that quality of the data is of a high standard.

10. Carries out any other duties as may be required within the nature and grade of post.

11.Preparing ppt’s & present in the Director’s meeting.

As an employee you have a responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of any confidential information which comes into your possession regarding patients, employees or any other business relating to the Trust.

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