What is Infertility?
How does age affect a woman's ability to have children?
Risk factors for infertility
Are there any signs or symptoms?
What are some ways to treat infertility?
What causes infertility in women?
What causes infertility in men?
How long should women try to get pregnant before calling their doctors?
Is infertility just a woman's problem?
Can Male infertility be treated?
What is artificial insemination?
Side effects of IUI
How many cycles of IUI to be tried before planning for IVF?
What is the success rate of IUI?
Do the iui and ivf success rates decline with age?
What is In Vitro or IVF?
What are success rate in iui and ivf?
Are there any tests to rule out chromosomal anomalies and defects in IVF pregnancies?
What are the chances of birth defects in ivf vs natural conception?
What are side effects of IVF?
What are the congenital anomalies which are more in IVF twins?
Can twin pregnancy be avoided in IVF treatment?
Can single embryo transfer avoid twin pregnancies in ivf?
What causes PCOS?
Can it be treated?
Can thyroid hormone disorders cause infertility?
What is embryo biopsy? is the embryo damaged during the biopSY?
Can biopsy be done on day 3 or blastocyst stage (day 5)?
Does PGS include all genetic diseases?
What is the effectiveness of pgs for different indications
How many embryos are expected to be normal when using pgs?
If PGS testing is done, is prenatal testing recommended?
What is ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome ?
Classification of OHSS