Best IVF Clinic of the Year - ETHealth

Best IVF Clinic of the Year - ETHealth

Awarded by ETHealthworld to GarbhaGudi IVF Centre

It is easy to be one among the crowd, but it takes everything and a little more to stand out and be different. To be distinctive is to be able to outshine others and be unique. With that said, uniqueness does not equate to fame. A purpose and the willingness to render service with the motive of benefitting others, in every situation and under all circumstances is what matters.

This is the guiding philosophy of GarbhaGudi and this is what makes us special!

GarbhaGudi IVF is the place where couples come if treatment at all other centres fails. There are umpteen cases where couples have conceived at GarbhaGudi when they have been told there is no hope. We truly believe in the phrase - Miracles happen often at GarbhaGudi.

Usually, most fertility chains are satisfied with good growth in terms of branches, revenue, and cases. GarbhaGudi did not stop here. GarbhaGudi’s mission is to address as many infertile couples as possible. From this perspective, the birth of GGIRHR happened – the academic and training wing of GarbhaGudi. GGIRHR (GarbhaGudi Institute of Reproductive Health and Research) is considered one of India's premier fertility training organizations today. If gynaecologists in various villages are trained in the basics of fertility treatment, so many preventable complications can be avoided, as treatment will be provided on time. GIRHR has been instrumental in creating robust training for andrology lab technicians, embryologists, and others – to help improve the quality and level of fertility treatment.

Furthermore, GarbhaGnan Foundation, the CSR wing of the GarbhaGudi group, has conducted more than 100 free infertility awareness and screening camps in rural areas of Karnataka, TN, and AP. About 10,000 couples have benefitted from these camps, where free consultations, free semen analysis, free medicines and counselling is offered. Even treatment is subsidized for the rural people.

GarbhaGudi has carved a niche in infertility due to its extremely high success rates in IUI and IVF treatment. A team of experienced doctors specializing in treating infertility has dealt with very complex cases every day. In addition to this, our labs are equipped with technologically advanced equipment needed for the procedures.

Care under normal conditions and circumstances goes untold; however, recent times have taken a turn for the worse. The pandemic outbreak caused a total shutdown of all operations, restrictions, lockdown, economic crisis and much more. This resulted in fear and stress to every one of us, especially for couples who had already enrolled for treatment. The most challenging situation proved to be the biggest game-changer where GarbhaGudi came up with the concept of IVF@home - to help couples continue treatment from the comfort of their homes, without fearing the risk of the virus. For patients where commuting to the centre was inevitable, we provided a taxi service with sanitized vehicles and drivers to ensure safe patient pickup and drop. GarbhaGudi also took the initiative to reduce the financial burden through the Paripoorna program sponsored by GarbhaGudi and GarbhaGnan Foundation. GarbhaGriha is another initiative that was started to help outstation people by providing a safe stay and nutritious food throughout the treatment period. These initiatives are just a glimpse of many such programs that we undertake in the interests of the couples.

GarbhaGudi also provides timely offers, discounts, and accessible treatment to help patients in every possible way. Our organization’s motto is that “The creator has created us to create something good for others,” and this is what makes GarbhaGudi different from others.

Considering the organization’s yeoman efforts and unparalleled services towards the welfare of society and the doctors’ community, we feel that we truly deserve this national award, presented by ETHealthworld, and we are proud of our iconic leader - Dr Asha S Vijay, who is the lighthouse of our organization!

This is a momentous day for GarbhaGudi, and we take this occasion to thank every individual who has been a part of this journey.

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GarbhaGudi is a chain of New-Generation Infertility Treatment Hospitals equipped with state-of- art-infrastructure & cutting-edge IVF Technology to address infertility issues & their emotional & mental effects on couples. We have a team of qualified & experienced doctors; their in-depth knowledge & expertise leaves no stone unturned to solve all your infertility issues. The Supportive & caring staff is always by your side to motivate & guide you throughout the journey. GarbhaGudi IVF, the best fertility treatment hospital in Bangalore, provides emotional support to couples facing infertility issues and sexual problems

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