GarbhaGudi – Certified Healthy Workplace

GarbhaGudi – Certified Healthy Workplace

GarbhaGudi – Certified Healthy Workplace

Take care of your employees, and they will look after your customers!

This is the foundation of our success and now it has been officially certified by the Arogya World Healthy Workplace initiative, under the silver category. We are overjoyed to announce this accomplishment and aspire to improve upon this in the near future.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), workers' health, safety and well-being should become a key focus area for organizations worldwide as it is critical to the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of businesses, communities, and national and regional economies. This is even more true with non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes,cancers, hypertension, cardiac issues etc. NCDs are among the century's most serious health and development challenges. NCDs cause two out of every three deaths today, with low- and middle-income countries accounting for 80 percent of all deaths. According to the World Economic Forum, the total global economic burden of NCDs (including mental health) will be $47 trillion by 2030.

GarbhaGudi’s distinctive approach to employee wellbeing.

The following are some key steps taken at GarbhaGudi to help address the NCD challenge.

• No Tobacco Policy

• Healthy Eating

• Physical Activity

• Building a positive mindset through a set of planned, focused and daily activities

• Promoting Wellbeing

• Managing Stress

• Leadership

• Supporting Recovery

About Arogya World.

Arogya World is a non-profit global health organisation dedicated to preventing noncommunicable diseases through health education and lifestyle changes. We help people all over the world live healthier lives through our programmes and advocacy efforts. Our mission is reflected in our name: "Arogya" means "to live a life free of disease" in Sanskrit.

Healthy Workplaces

Leveraging Workplaces in the Fight Against NCDs (including Mental Health)

Workplaces are one of the best and most logical platforms for wellness advancement and chronic disease prevention. The work of the WHO, many U.S. and European workplace wellness programmes, insurance companies, and the World Economic Forum has long validated this premise. Arogya World has been making a sound investment in public health and global development through our pioneering Healthy Workplace efforts in India since 2013.

Our Healthy Workplace Criteria, which are aligned with the WHO framework, were first developed in collaboration with industry in 2012. Since then, we've implemented the programme in a large number of businesses, recognising them for their commitment to workplace health. We now have 165 companies in India that have been designated as Healthy Workplaces, totaling approximately 5 million employees.

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