GarbhaGudi Recognised as Best IVF & Fertility Hospital in India

GarbhaGudi Recognised as Best IVF & Fertility Hospital in India

“The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become” – Harold Taylor

All big things come from small beginnings, so is GarbhaGudi … “A dream come true.” There is no greatest joy ever in life than that of becoming a mother and no pain greater than that when one discovers it is not happening. GarbhaGudi is not a structure, a building. It is an abode of hope, faith, and trust. It started with a goal to eliminate the pain associated with infertility and spread joy.

Being conferred with the most prestigious award as being one of the Best IVF & Fertility Hospitals in India in the whole nation tells that we have been successful in what we dreamt. To be chosen as the best among multiple nominations is not an easy task. It means that GarbhaGudi is unique and our uniqueness is what brought us this achievement.

What is so unique about GarbhaGudi?

A dedicated team of exceptionally skilful doctors with expertise beyond words. GarbhaGudi comprises a team of multilinguistic and multi-talented doctors that make communication and understanding easy and comprehendible. Apart from this, the infrastructure and ambience create positivity and confidence. It believes in treating patients with compassion. Every patient that steps into GarbhaGudi becomes a part of the GarbhaGudi family. Our motto is “Every person who walks in will walk out with a smile”.

GarbhaGudi has well-equipped labs, instruments, technicians, and has incorporated the latest techniques in the field of Reproductive Medicine to treat infertility. Our fraternity is constantly updated on the latest and greatest treatment protocols to ensure that the best treatment is given. As a result of this, GarbhaGudi has made it to being the best fertility centre with some of the best specialists and providing world-class fertility care.

Hard work and dedication never go unrewarded and the high success rates achieved by GarbhaGudi is a reward that keeps us motivated to continue our work. GarbhaGudi believes that infertility is not just related to the body, it is also associated with mind and soul. With a holistic approach to treatment, GarbhaGudi makes sure to heal the mind and soul which is also very important in dealing with infertility issues.

GarbhaGudi During Pandemic

The sudden outburst of the COVID 19 pandemic turned lives upside down. Life was not normal and everyone had to adapt to the new norms of leading lives confined to the homes. The concern about healthcare created stress, but GarbhaGudi relieved people of all fears regarding IVF. Even during challenging times, GarbhaGudi was able to successfully provide service at the comfort of home and couples taking treatment were relieved of the fear and stress of Covid. Online consultations were started to help and provide proper care and guidance to our patients. We left no stone unturned in our endeavour to ensure all required services were provided uninterrupted.

The biggest game-changer that was brought in was the IVF@Home concept. Couples could now start and continue with their IVF treatment from the comfort of their homes, without being exposed to the pandemic. We brought our services into the home of the couple, with the staff taking all the required precautions to ensure the safety of all concerned. This helped many couples conceive during the pandemic time and also deliver successfully.

In addition to this, there are certain times when patients had to come to the centre for certain diagnostics and testing, but complete lockdown with no means to commute made it challenging. GarbhaGudi understood the need of the hour and came up with an idea to make it easy for such couples and offered a service to pick up and drop couples by sanitized cars driven by safe drivers.

GarbhaGudi offers treatment that is usually budget-friendly and affordable; however, the pandemic created an economic crisis for almost every individual and finances became a concern for most couples who want to seek treatment. GarbhaGudi understands that money should not stop one from experiencing the joy of parenting. With this in mind, we started the zero-cost EMI facility to reduce the burden of financial stress.

GarbhaGudi is a very socially responsible organization. We understand that there are couples who run away from treatment due to financial constraints. Paripoorna, an initiative by GarbhaGudi and GarbhaGnan Foundation, was initiated, with an idea to do its bit to extend help and offered up to 50% discount on its services for people who are from below the poverty line.

Many couples step into GarbhaGudi from across the country and sometimes from other countries too. Travelling during treatment was the biggest obstacle for such couples. GarbhaGudi immediately worked towards making it easy for such couples and the result was GarbhaGriha, an initiative by GarbhaGudi that offers a free stay with hygienic surroundings and nutritious food throughout treatment.

GarbhaGudi is proud and happy to step into its 11th year of rendering service and spreading joy to thousands of couples and as a part of the celebration, free IUIs were offered to 100 couples. Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied. The more you share, the more it increases. GarbhaGudi strongly believes in this concept and the result was GarbhaGudi Institute of Reproductive Health and Research (GGIRHR). GGIRHR came into being and it is the knowledge and training wing of GarbhaGudi IVF. Since GarbhaGudi is a pioneer in innovative techniques of infertility treatments, GGIRHR aims at sharing this knowledge with others to address the challenges in infertility.

This is just a glimpse of GarbhaGudi. There is a lot more that makes it unique which is impossible to convey through words. This is the story behind the success of GarbhaGudi and the reason that we have been awarded the Best IVF & Fertility Hospital in India by the National Quality Achievement Awards.

Our efforts shall continue to render selfless service to give the greatest joy of having a child and our vision is to stretch our services nationwide by starting our centres across the country, of which GarbhaGudi is supremely confident.

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GarbhaGudi is a chain of New-Generation Infertility Treatment Hospitals equipped with state-of- art-infrastructure & cutting-edge IVF Technology to address infertility issues & their emotional & mental effects on couples. We have a team of qualified & experienced doctors; their in-depth knowledge & expertise leaves no stone unturned to solve all your infertility issues. The Supportive & caring staff is always by your side to motivate & guide you throughout the journey. GarbhaGudi IVF, the best fertility treatment hospital in Bangalore, provides emotional support to couples facing infertility issues and sexual problems

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