Mission & Vision of GarbhaGudi



A mission followed by dedication and hard work turns into a vision. Enormous amount of hard work goes into reaching out to more and more people and create an awareness about infertility and treatments for infertility. With a vision to help nurture the happiest moments of life, our vision is to reach far and wide, to have GarbhaGudi as a globally renowned health university with superlative success rate, strong scientific approach, ethical values, and humane touch.



Dr. Asha S. Vijay, a post graduate in Obstetrics & Gynecology from the prestigious Bangalore Medical College, started her career with Kidwai Institute of Oncology, Bangalore and subsequently set up her own practice with Sannidhi Multi-Specialty Hospital. In years of her career, she saw the struggle of infertility patients. Her observation of people having misconceptions about infertility and infertility treatments, cost, and procedure, motivated her to help and guide people with reproductive disorders, who were clueless about the right approach. It was at that time that she started on a mission and the result of such a mission is what GarbhaGudi exists today.

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