Advantages Of Artificial Insemination

Advantages Of Artificial Insemination

Life has numerous joys to offer. However, these joys may seem temporary and often insufficient without a family. Human life feels incomplete without a family to many. However, the reality may be unpleasant since infertility respects no social class, education, religion, or age. One of the ways of handling this challenge of infertility is with the use of artificial insemination in the process of IUI. In most cases, it will be done with the help of the husband or male partner’s semen, and in some rare cases, a donor’s semen may be used.

But how does artificial insemination help?

Low sperm count & low sperm motility issue: One of the main advantages of AI by husband is that it allows men with low sperm count or low sperm motility to fertilize their wives. In cases where natural conception is unlikely, AI comes in as a timely intervention. It is an affordable treatment when compared to other methods. It is usually the first line of treatment for couples experiencing fertility problems. Safety is one of the advantages of artificial insemination as the process does not involve any surgeries or chances of infection or other side effects. It is also very simple and does not require complex equipment or infrastructure.

Cervical issues: Another advantage of AI is that it helps handle cervical problems. The cervix is the getaway to the transportation of sperm to the uterus. In some women, the cervixes cannot produce enough mucus that helps sperms to make their way to the uterus. The cervix here is hostile to the sperm cells & hinders their way to the womb. But with AI, sperm can bypass the cervix and reach the uterus.

Severe male infertility: The most significant advantage of AI done with donor sperms is that it allows couples to conceive where the male partner cannot produce sperms for whatever reason. This is not the easiest decision for most couples – to agree to use genetic material from a donor. However, this may be the only option available for having a baby of their own in some couples. Once the decision to take the help of donor insemination is made, the donor selection process is started. The donor is matched to the physical characteristics of the husband to the maximum level feasible, along with a host of other precautions to prevent sexually transmittable diseases. That semen sample is washed in the lab and then inseminated.

Genetically transmittable diseases: Donor insemination is also used if the husband suffers from a genetic disease or is a congenital disease carrier. Being aware of a transmittable disease and still transmitting the disease to the offspring is ethically and morally incorrect. So, using donor material with the egg is the best solution for the future child.

Impotence: Some couples have medical conditions that may make it impossible for a man or woman to have sex. In such a scenario, artificial insemination comes in handy as a remedy because the sperm can get harvested to fertilize the wife. Impotence issue may need a different treatment & precious time for conception may be lost.

Sperm allergy: AI also benefits couples with challenges of sperm allergy. It is rare, but some women suffer from sperm allergy. This condition means the lady’s reproductive system will respond adversely to the presence of sperm. Consequently, it becomes impossible for such couples to conceive naturally. But with AI, injecting sperm directly into the uterus increases their conception chances.

The advantages of AI are numerous. Depending on the fertility challenge faced by the couple, fertility specialists will advise the couple about the best possible approach to be taken.

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