An Insight on Multiple Pregnancies

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An Insight on Multiple Pregnancies

Carrying more than one baby is always exciting and can be a blissful event for many couples. Multiple pregnancies usually happen when the sperm fertilize more than one egg. It also can occur when the fertilized egg splits into two or more embryos that develop into two or more babies. When one fertilized egg divides into two, the babies are called identical twins. They look exactly similar to each other and share the same genes. When two different sperms fertilize two separate eggs, the babies are called fraternal twins. They don’t share the same genes, and they don’t look alike. They are just like other siblings from different pregnancies with the same parents. Singletons (single babies) are the most common type of babies. More people are conceiving with multiples now than in the previous times. This is generally because more people are having babies in their 30s, and more people use fertility treatments to conceive.

Factors that contribute to having multiple pregnancies:

• You undergo fertility treatment. If you’re undergoing fertility treatment, it’s vital to try to get pregnant with just one baby. For instance, if you have an IVF treatment, you can have just one embryo placed in your uterus. This is called single embryo transfer, and it amplifies the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

• You’re in your 30s, mainly your late 30s. During your 30s, you’re more likely to release more than one egg monthly than young people.

• You have family members who have had multiples. If people in your family have had fraternal twins, you are more likely to have twin babies. You’re also more likely to have multiple babies if you’ve been pregnant before with multiples.

• You’re a person who has obesity. If your body mass index (BMI) is 30 or above, there are higher chances of getting pregnant with multiples.

Do you need to have special foods if you’re pregnant with multiples?

It’s not required to eat something special, though you need more nutrients, such as folic acid, protein, iron, calcium, and other vital vitamins. You can get these nutrients by eating healthy foods and taking the supplements recommended by your doctor.

Moreover, it’s essential to know that multiple pregnancies increase the risk of pregnancy complications. Frequent checkups with your doctor will help detect complications early enough for effective treatment or management.

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