Does hyperthyroidism cause infertility in women

Does hyperthyroidism cause infertility in women

There is no feeling like the feeling of being a “Mother.” Being one, however, is not easy for all women. For some women facing infertility problems, becoming pregnant comes with challenges and struggles. While one might be aware of the most common causes, a few need to be looked into with deeper insight. One such factor is endocrine disorders: endocrine disorders, specifically hyperthyroidism, are of the reasons which could be causing infertility.

How does hyperthyroidism cause infertility?

The thyroid gland plays a significant role in reproduction. Hyperthyroidism is when the thyroid gland produces an excessive amount of thyroxine, a hormone that can impair fertility. This interferes with the process of ovulation.

There are several other factors associated with hyperthyroidism, which could cause infertility in women. A few of those are:

• Irregular menstrual cycle (a cycle that could be shorter or longer than the typical menstrual cycle).

• Tumours of the ovaries. Difficulty with fertilization and implantation of the egg.

• Increased appetite.

• Weakness.

• Unintentional weight loss.

Though hyperthyroidism can cause infertility, early diagnosis and proper treatment through a skilled and specialized facility can help solve the problem. One does not have to think or wander searching for a genuine facility. Experts are available at GarbhaGudi IVF Centre to help you with the issues creating obstacles in your journey towards motherhood.

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