Dos & Don’ts During Pregnancy

Dos & Don’ts During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a golden time of excitement and mixed emotions. The reality for pregnant women is that their actions could affect their pregnancies and fetuses. Every woman needs to know what she should and should not do to minimize risk and optimize outcomes. Before the arrival of your little one, take charge of nourishing and nurturing your unborn baby in every possible way. Always mind the dos and don’ts and try to be a loving, sincere mommy.

Pregnancy Do’s

Take the necessary supplements

Having a healthy diet rich in all nutrients is the best way to support your growing fetus. Expectant mothers require higher doses of folate, minerals, and calcium. These vitamins ensure the proper development of your baby and help prevent birth defects.

Get lots of sleep

Hormone fluctuations, anticipation, and anxiety can disturb your sleep during the nine months of pregnancy. Take rest whenever required and aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Work out

Gone are the days of pregnant women staying away from physical activities during their pregnancies. We are now aware that exercise is good for you and your baby. Regular exercise may help you combat insomnia, muscle pain, excessive weight gain, and mood swings. But never forget to check with your doctor.

Gain weight smartly

The “eat for two” advice for pregnant mothers isn’t a permit to eat whatever you want. Instead, try to be conscious about what you eat and how much. Gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy increases the risk factors. Always control your cravings.

Pregnancy Don’ts

Don’t smoke and drink

Babies born to smoking mothers tend to have low birth weight and are at a higher risk of developing learning disabilities than children born to nonsmoking mothers. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy also significantly impacts your baby’s development, leading to behaviour problems.

Don’t eat raw food

Raw and undercooked meat, eggs, and veggies cause foodborne illness and increase the risk of food poisoning. These conditions can cause serious, life-threatening diseases, severe birth defects, and even miscarriage. Make sure all that you eat while pregnant is well-cooked.

Don’t eat unpasteurized milk products

Raw milk and dairy products are not recommended for expecting mothers since they’re unpasteurized. This means it hasn’t been heated to kill bacteria that could make you ill and can lead to illness, miscarriage, or even life-threatening consequences.

Don’t drink a lot of caffeine

Caffeine travels through the placenta and increases your baby’s heart rate. You can consume a cup or two in a day but never crave caffeine while carrying.

Remember that pregnancy is a priceless and life-changing event for every woman. The arrival of your little bundle of joy is worth all the trouble.

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