ERA Test for Repeated Failure of Pregnancy

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ERA Test for Repeated Failure of Pregnancy

For those looking out for the most suitable time for embryo transfer to be able to achieve successful pregnancy rates, Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) is a modern test that helps you to determine this.

Even when embryos are known to be healthy, several women trying to conceive with the help of ARTs such as IVF tend to fail the egg implantation process, and the uterine cavity is also known to be normal. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most common and effective type of ART that has been successful in helping a large number of women trying to conceive; however, at times, IVF tends to fail the egg implantation process even when embryos are known to be healthy, and the uterine cavity is normal. The reason behind this could be an underlying health condition that is associated with the inner lining of the uterus called the endometrium. Another reason for infertility is also the inability of the uterus to hold on to a healthy embryo.

Several studies conducted state that although the quality of embryos is a vital factor, the receptivity of the uterus is also an important factor to be taken into consideration to determine the success of the IVF cycle. Therefore, through the Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) test, it is possible to know how receptive a woman’s uterus is involving the embryo. The ERA test provides significant advantages as it reduces the number of IVF cycles that a couple would need to undergo to achieve a successful pregnancy, along with lowering the risks of miscarriage. The ERA test not only measures the receptivity of the uterus but also decides the right time for embryo transfer to ascertain positive results.

The points mentioned below will further explore ERA:

• To attain fertility success, the strongest predictor of implantation is embryo quality.

• At times, there are possibilities of young women having good quality eggs and yet not being able to conceive normally or those unable to conceive even after opting for genetic testing. This could be due to endometrial factors.

• Endometrial Receptivity Array ERA is an essential test that could be performed to check the receptivity of the uterus via Endometrial Receptivity Array before going ahead with the next step implantation.

• The ERA test is a unique test conducted during a woman's ovulation cycle the gene expression of the endometrial lining at specific times can be monitored to assess the endometrial receptivity.

• By analyzing the cyclical pattern of 238 distinct genes, this ERA test helps identify a personalized window of implantation for every individual patient.

• Above all, the ERA test has demonstrated remarkably high sensitivity and specificity to detect gene expression profiles linked to receptivity.

• The ERA test has helped to reduce the number of IVF cycles a couple has to go through to achieve a successful pregnancy. Furthermore, the risk of miscarriage also comes down.

• ERA test helps determine how receptive a woman’s uterus would be at any given particular stage during her menstrual cycle. Through the test results, the doctor will know the most appropriate time for the embryo transfer to take place to ensure a successful implant.

• Generally, embryo transfers are done between days 3 and 5 after egg retrieval. By checking the development process of embryos, the time of transfer is decided.

• The embryos that have developed in the laboratory until day 5, namely the blastocysts, are selected to be transferred. However, if healthy embryos exhibit normal growth by day 3, they could also be considered for earlier transfer to accomplish successful implantation.

To conclude; the ERA test has made timely implantation possible, resulting in a higher pregnancy rate success; thereby considerably reducing the time required to achieve it.

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