Fertility tests for men trying to start a family

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Fertility tests for men trying to start a family

Fertility Tests for Men

If you’re a guy and your partner isn’t getting pregnant, even though it’s something you both want, take charge with a visit to our centre. Male infertility is more common than you think, and we offer the latest tests to find out the issue and suggest treatments best suited for your case.

Fertility evaluation

Consulting a urologist is the first step. He will give you a physical exam and ask you questions about your lifestyle and medical history, such as surgeries you’ve had, medications you take, your exercise habits, and whether you smoke or take recreational drugs. He may also have a frank discussion with you about your sex life, including any problems you’ve had or whether you have or ever had any STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). You’ll probably be asked to give a sample of semen for analysis.

Diagnosing infertility can be challenging

Male infertility specialists have different ways of doing that, but a Sperm and Semen Analysis is the beginning. A trained expert checks your sperm count, shape, movement, and other characteristics. In general, if you have a higher number of normal-shaped sperm, it means you have higher fertility. Many men with low sperm counts or abnormal semen are still fertile. About 15% of infertile men have normal semen and plenty of normal sperm.

Get a second test to confirm the results.

If the first semen analysis is typical, your doctor may order a second test to confirm the results. Two standard tests usually mean you don’t have any significant infertility problems. If the results look unusual, your doctor might order more tests to pinpoint the problem. If you don’t have any semen or sperm at all, it might be because of a blockage in your veins that can be corrected with surgery.

Other evaluations

Physical Exam – It can find varicoceles or abnormal formations of veins above the testicle. You can get it corrected with surgery.

Hormone Evaluation – Testosterone and other hormones control the making of sperm. Keep in mind, though, that hormones aren’t the main problem in about 97% of infertile men. Experts disagree as to how big a search should be done for hormonal causes of infertility.

Genetic Testing – It can identify specific obstacles to fertility and problems with your sperm.

Anti-Sperm Antibodies – Some men make abnormal antibodies that attack the sperm on the way to the egg, which keeps your partner from getting pregnant.

For some men, making sperm isn’t the problem. It’s getting the sperm where they need to go. Men with these conditions have normal sperm in their testicles, but the sperm in semen is either missing, in low numbers, or abnormal.

There are several reasons you might have low sperm in your semen even if your body makes enough of it

Retrograde ejaculation: In this condition, your sperm ejaculates backwards, into your bladder. It’s usually caused by earlier surgery. You’re missing the main sperm pipeline (the vas deferens). It’s a genetic problem. Some men are born without the main pipeline for sperm.

Obstruction: There can be a blockage anywhere between the testicles and the penis.

Anti-sperm antibodies: As mentioned, they attack your sperm on the way to the egg.

“Idiopathic” infertility: It’s a fancy way of saying there isn’t any cause your doctor can identify for your abnormal or low sperm count.

Don’t hesitate to get tests to check your fertility. When you and your partner do this, it will help you figure out what’s going on and let you learn about treatment.

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