From Zero to Nine – What Should You Know!

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From Zero to Nine – What Should You Know!

If you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you should know that those nine months of your life will be a great adventure. It’s normal to have many questions about what you’ll experience and the changes you’ll go through. You should have the basic idea that after 24 hours of fertilization, your egg divides rapidly into many cells. It develops into a fetus during the 8th week of pregnancy, and you’ll have to be patient almost for 40 weeks to welcome your little bundle of joy. These weeks are grouped into three trimesters and nine months.

Month 1 – Week 1-4

Soon after your egg has been fertilized and implanted into the uterus, a sac forms around it called an amniotic sac. The sac will hold the amniotic fluid to cushion the embryo. Placenta also grows during the first month to bring nutrition and support to the fetus from the woman. The baby's face and eyes begin to develop, and the heart beats.

Month 2 – Week 5-9

During the second month, your baby’s face continues to develop. Limbs begin to grow, and other organs such as the brain, sensory organs, and the digestive tract start to take shape. The embryo’s cartilage is eventually replaced by bone.

Month 3 – Week 10-14

The developing baby’s hands, feet, fingers, limbs, and toes become well defined. Toenails and fingernails begin to form. Teeth and ears start to develop as well. Development of reproductive organs occurs, but they can’t be seen on an ultrasound scan.

Month 4 – Week 15-19

The Baby’s hair, eyelashes, and eyelids are fully developed at this stage. The heartbeat becomes audible through a Doppler instrument. Teeth become strong, and your baby can now stretch, yawn or make other movements. Reproductive organs are also visible now on an ultrasound. The nervous system also develops.

Month 5 – Week 20-24

It’s a particular month when you’ll feel your baby’s moves. Hair continues to grow all over the head and body. The back and shoulders are covered with a layer of thin hair. A thick substance called vernix caseosa keeps the baby’s skin protected from exposure to amniotic fluid.

Month 6 – Week 25-30

The Baby’s skin remains translucent, reddish, and wrinkled. Fingerprint and toe prints become well-defined. Your baby will also be able to respond to external stimuli such as sounds and touch by increasing their pulse or moving.

Month 7 – Week 26-29

Your baby’s organs and systems continue to develop. Hearing abilities are also improved. A fat layer will begin to be stored. The baby will be able to react to pain, sound and light, and often changes position.

Month 8 – Week 30-34

The baby continues to mature during this month, every organ and system begins to function, and brain development is at its peak. The baby will be able to see and will start to kick more.

Month 9 – Week 35-40+

The lungs become fully mature as a preparation for birth. Reflexes are better, meaning the baby responds to sounds, touches, blinks, and turns its head. The movement begins to slow down as the baby moves towards the birth canal.

Whether you’re counting down the days until your little one’s arrival or planning to create your little ones, your baby is coming soon. Try to use this time to bond with your baby and indulge yourself in a healthy lifestyle to give birth to a healthy baby. Keep a close eye out for any signs of labor, and never forget to have self-care before the big day.

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