Get, Set, Go… Your new born will be here soon!

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Dr Asha S Vijay
Get, Set, Go… Your new born will be here soon!

‘We are Expecting’ - The very statement brings a lot of expectations, joy, fears, anxiety, happiness all rolled into one. There is a lot of anticipation and fear surrounding labour and labour pain. Though it’s unfair to generalize, most first time parents are more anxious than second-time ones. This fear of the unknown gives rise to needless doubts and anxiety in the expecting parents. Our generation relies more on the internet than experienced people. This can prove to be a boon or a bane depending on how impressionable one’s mind is. Pregnancy and labour are different for each woman but a set of general guidelines is applicable to all. Labour pain need not be feared. Research shows that labour pain is more psychological than physiological. So unless the notion of pain is removed, this fear or stigma surrounding labour continues to remain. There are some basic do’s and don’t’s to follow for having a healthy and relaxed pregnancy.


Yoga has a lot of health benefits not just for expecting mothers but also for fathers. It is known to regulate blood pressure and relieves pressure in joints. There are specific exercises for a pregnant woman based on the term of pregnancy. Consult a knowledgeable yoga teacher.


This is of utmost importance. Women in general especially expecting mothers should take care of their personal hygiene and keep their privates as clean as possible.


A lot of pregnant women give in to unhealthy food just because they need to abstain from it once the baby is born. This can prove detrimental in the long run because once the body starts accumulating fats, it is very difficult to lose the same. On the other hand, Indian families tend to overfeed expecting mothers which are also not advisable. There is an old saying ‘When pregnant, one must eat for two ‘which is untrue. Your body is the best judge of intake quantity. Hence please listen to your body and no one else.


This is slightly ambiguous in nature. Though expecting mothers need to rest from time to time, they must also go about doing their daily chores. Unless the doctor advises bed rest, one must be active till the last end of pregnancy. This helps the baby in the womb to be more active and labour tends to be a lot easier for active mothers.

Prep Time

Unlike our previous generation, most of us live in nuclear families. For those who do not have immediate family around, it is advisable to be prepared for the delivery ahead of time. Diaper bags, maternity bags, finance etc. can be planned and prepared ahead in order to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Antenatal classes

Many women fear the last trimester and rightly so because it does bring a lot of discomfort like heartburns, aches, body pains along with acid reflux etc. Premature births are also a common sight. Expecting women should consult their doctor regularly to keep a tab on things and not to have any unwanted surprises.


In the quest of being responsible, couples tend to forget the main aspect during the entire pregnancy. That is to have fun and spend quality time with each other. With the new arrival, the marriage suffers the most with lack of time, sleep, energy and newer responsibilities. It’s very important to keep the spark of romance alive. Being pregnant is not a disease. It is just a part of life that should be celebrated because after all, we are completing the circle of life.

Happy parenting!

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