How does IVF from home work?

How does IVF from home work?

What is IVF from Home?

This service was started especially for patients seeking infertility treatment during the ongoing pandemic. The idea is to help you start IVF treatment right from the safety of your home and minimize travel risks.

How do we ensure that Covid free nurses or attendants visit your place?

We examine our personnel before sending them by checking for temperature & symptoms of Covid-19. We also conduct periodic Covid tests and take maximum precaution. Our people will also wear a mask and use sanitisers before entering your home.

Is this home facility free or payable?

It is a paid service and costs depend on your location. For homes from 1 to 10 Kms, the cost is Rs. 400/- and for homes between 10 to 30 Kms, we charge Rs.700/- per visit.

Why aren’t patients allowed to visit the centre for injections and medicines?

Patient safety is important and it is advisable to limit travel. Hence we want to minimize visits. But that does not mean that patients are not allowed to visit the centre for injections. Couples can always visit the centre, but we feel that the risk of exposure to the Covid virus is reduced significantly if couples opt for IVF services.

What can be discussed with the doctor during the online consultation?

You can discuss your infertility issues and treatments taken if any previously. You can ask the doctor anything related to infertility. It is like any other regular consultation, just that the event occurs online.

What are the charges for the IVF procedure?

Since the IVF procedure is the same and doesn’t change, the charges remain what we charge at the hospital. It costs us more to provide these services at home, but we don’t burden you!

Is this applicable only for new patients? Can existing patients avail it too?

This service applies to both categories of patients.

How is the procedure done with this “IVF From home”?

We collect blood samples, deliver medicines and administer injections at your home to minimize travel risks.

Is Semen analysis also done?

We don’t perform semen analysis because the results can be inconsistent. Tests have to be carried out within 30 minutes of taking samples, so male patients have to visit the centre to provide their semen samples at the hospital.

What are the timings for this facility? Is it available 24/7?

This is not a 24/7 facility, but if the doctor suggests that you need to take certain injections, medication or scans at certain times, we will do the needful, no matter what time it is.

Is the IVF from home service only for IVF treatment or available for IUI and others too?

This service is for IVF, IUI and all other fertility-related issues.

How many members will visit my place?

Only two members will visit your home, a driver and one staff nurse or lab assistant. The driver stays outside! In effect, only the nurse will visit your home.

Will the doctor visit my house in case of an emergency?

Doctors won’t visit, but they are available online and for phone consultations.

Is a scanning facility also available at home?

No. scanners and related equipment can’t be carried so scans have to be done at the centre. Also, the Govt. has put severe restrictions (as per the PCPNDT act) on the usage of ultrasound scanners to prevent female infanticide.

If I’m taking treatment in another infertility centre, is it possible to provide only the IVF from Home service?

As of now, we don’t do that because treatment success depends on many factors and not just IVF from home service. If the IVF cycle has a negative result, the other IVF centres may blame our IVF from home service for negative results. This could be detrimental for the couple.

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