How does laptops affect male fertility?

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How does laptops affect male fertility?

Today’s men use laptops extensively as it has become an integral part of their lives. It’s not just the laptop, but the usage of other electronic gadgets has also increased among the people of this generation. The use of laptops is often linked with poor sperm quantity and quality. Even now, while there are laptops that run cooler than the previous models, men who are planning to have a child should be mindful of the possible risks and consequences of extensive laptop usage.

Every organ of the human body is designed to be naturally complimentary to each other. Likewise, men are born with testicles outside their bodies for a reason. In this way, the testicles always remain slightly cooler than the other body parts. It’s vital to know that anything that affects the testicles can affect men’s fertility. There’s a clear and adverse relation between continuous heat exposure and a man’s sperm count and quality. This results in scrotal hypothermia, which is the root cause of infertility issues in men that arise from heat exposure. Some studies reveal that continued usage of laptops drastically increases the scrotal temperature quite significantly. Therefore, if a laptop is used every day, the testicular temperature remains raised almost all the time, and it hardly gets back to the normal temperature during the same day. This is mainly because of the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) produced by electronic devices, which directly affect the potential reproductive challenges in men and women.

Ways in which laptop exposure does harm the testicles may consequently:

• Lower sperm count

• Change the size and shape of sperm

• Modify sperm motility (the ability of sperm to move in the right direction)

• Damage the sperm DNA

• Cause fragments of chromosomes to break

• Increase the probability of genetic mutations during cell division

• Disrupt essential enzymes and hormones

To avoid all these negative results, there are several simple things you can do to help protect your fertility.

• Never cross your legs if sitting upright or cross your ankles if you're reclining.

• Always try to keep your legs slightly apart.

• Reduce your overall laptop time, and avoid using laptops that get overheated very soon.

• Whenever you can, place your laptop on a table or desk.

To have healthy reproductive health, try to cut back on the amount of time you use your laptop and never fail to take other measures to protect your fertility.

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