How Does Lifestyle Affect Infertility

How Does Lifestyle Affect Infertility

A common understanding about infertility is that it is thought to be only due to issues with either reproductive, genetic, morphological, anatomical, or general health conditions. Very little is heard or known that a more significant part of it is impacted by the choices one makes in routine life, including food, beverages, living environment, drugs for recreation, work, clothing, and much more. Adhering to healthy habits and choices is the solution to almost all problems, and infertility is no exception.

It is not surprising if one would wonder how does lifestyle affect infertility?

Diet: The wrong diet can land one in a cumbersome situation. An improper diet can lead to obesity, which everyone knows is the fundamental cause of significant health problems, including infertility. Good health is directly proportional to the kind of diet that one follows routinely. A healthy diet and maintaining an ideal body weight are the critical factors for those wanting to step into parenthood. Including whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, unsaturated fats, and fish in the diet has improved fertility rates. So, if one is looking towards planning a family, make a wise choice in the diet.

Exercise: Exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. However, the duration and type of exercise need to be watched when one desires to begin the parenting journey. It is known that long hours of vigorous exercise can affect the chances of conceiving. Although one could still think of it under normal circumstances, it is always advisable to seek consultation on a proper exercise regime when intending to conceive.

Caffeine: Although no clear evidence has been found to caffeine affecting infertility, studies have revealed that it takes longer to conceive in women with a large amount of caffeine intake. Hence, it is recommended to limit the caffeine intake to a maximum of two cups per day, equalling 300mg.

Toxin exposure: Certain chemical substances can lead to hormonal issues when one gets exposed. One should be extremely careful to consider all precautionary measures while working or living in such conditions. Individuals employed in specific chemical manufacturing industries, agriculture industry, industries producing plastics, paints, etc., are more prone to health hazards, and fertility gets highly impacted as the chemical disrupts the hormones and affects the health of the eggs and the sperm.

Tight clothing: Of late, studies have shown that tight-fitting clothes can pose a significant risk to the reproductive system and fertility in both men and women. Tight clothes in women can cause vaginal and urinary tract disorders and hinder reproductive health. In men, it could lead to the generation of high temperatures around the genitalia that could interfere with sperm production, thus reducing the rate of fertility. One should be watchful when selecting the kind of clothing to be more comfortable and not to affect health in any way.

Tobacco usage (smoking): A very common phrase everyone knows is “smoking is injurious to health.” Besides causing other health concerns, smoking has been shown to have consequential effects on fertility rates in both men and women. Smoking can lead to depletion in the eggs and also affects the ovaries. In men, it leads to low sperm count and affects the quality and motility of the sperm. Therefore, it is recommended to quit smoking for those willing to have a child.

Alcohol: Heavy consumption of alcohol is said to cause infertility in both males and females. Excessive consumption of alcohol in women is known to cause ovulation problems resulting in irregular menstrual cycles, thereby making it difficult to conceive. Men with heavy alcohol consumption can have low testosterone levels and eventually have decreased sperm count or even erectile dysfunctions.

Recreational drugs: Drugs such as marijuana and cocaine taken more for pleasure and enjoyment than for medical reasons have proven harmful to the reproductive system and directly affect infertility.

Safe sex practices: This is one of the most significant components of one’s life when intending to enter parenthood. One needs to be very cautious when using any chemical substance, such as any lubricant, during the act. Also, all care must be taken to avoid sexually transmitted diseases as it can highly impair the chances of conceiving.

The lifestyle one chooses has a high impact on reproductive health. So, choose wisely and act accordingly. “Life is what one makes of it, and lifestyle is what life is all about.” Switch to a healthy lifestyle if you are on track to parenthood. Seek the proper guidance and support.

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