How to Choose a Fertility Center

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How to Choose a Fertility Center

Seven Points to Consider When Choosing a Fertility Center

Choosing fertility treatment is an emotional and financial commitment and finding the right fertility centre is one of the main decisions which needs to be made. But this can be quite difficult which is why we have listed 7 key things to consider for treatment.

1. Success Rates

You should look for the type of treatment performed, number and outcome of Assisted Reproductive Treatment cycles. When you are considering fertility treatment, you can request its success rates. The success rate at GarbhaGudi is over 65 % and we have helped more than 6000 couples in their journey towards motherhood. We do 2000 cycles per year with a significantly higher-than-average rate of success.

2. Types of Services

Different fertility clinics offer different services and may only have a certain subset of service offerings. So you have to find a clinic that provides all the services suited to your condition. Please note that not everyone requires IVF and some may require other procedures to finally get a successful outcome.

We offer IUI, IVF / ICSI, Donor cycle (semen, egg and embryo), Surrogacy, surgical treatment like hysteroscopy/laparoscopy, surgical sperm retrieval (TESA, PESA, Micro TESE etc.) and many other treatments.

3. Embryology Laboratory

The Embryology laboratory within a fertility clinic has a huge influence on the outcome of the IVF process. The 3 major areas within this that influence the success rates are

> The quality and the spectrum of the equipment available

> The skills and experience of the embryologists and the team

> The quality of the media and consumables used in the embryo culture

At GarbhaGudi, we have state-of-the-art infrastructure, manned by highly qualified and experienced embryology staff. The culture media and consumables used are of the highest quality available with proven results.

4. Location and accessibility

GarbhaGudi has 4 centres spread around the city for the convenience of patients. Choose a centre you are comfortable with that is also reasonably close to where you live. IVF cycles require daily visits to the clinic, so travel time can be a major consideration.

5. Cost

The cost of fertility treatment is often one of the deciding factors for many couples. Many centres mislead couples and quote low costs to start the cycles and then come up with new charges. We give you clear information on costs including ‘extras’ such as drugs or surgery. What’s more, we even offer no-cost EMI payments to patients to lessen the burden of costs.

6. Credentials and experience of staff

Probably the most important factor is the clinician who will plan and execute your treatment. All clinicians at GarbhaGudi are doctors who have completed their super specialization in infertility with extensive experience in treating infertility. They are also trained to follow the protocols that have given us extraordinary results over the last 8 years.

7. Size of the clinic

The size of the clinic can influence your experience. You may want to consider whether you are comfortable with being attended to by several fertility specialists or if you want to work with just one. At GarbhaGudi we are adequately staffed to cater to your needs and still give you continuity in your treatment as the same doctor will treat you through the complete duration of the treatment.

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