Is it time for you to opt for a test tube baby?

Is it time for you to opt for a test tube baby?

Dreams of attaining parenthood come true through the advancement of science as every couple is excepting to be parents. The infertility rate is increasing with time. There are many reasons behind infertility, like hormonal issues, structural issues, poor diet, stress, etc. Infertility may happen with men and women. So, are you facing problems in conceiving?

Is it causing havoc in your personal life? If so, then opt for Test tube baby treatment. It is also known as IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), a perfect solution to all your infertility problems. You will enjoy & cherish the feeling & journey of becoming a parent. Let us better view this treatment as completely changing your life by welcoming a new life.

What is Test Tube Baby Treatment?

In the natural process, the sperm penetrates the female vagina, where the matured egg starts fertilizing & pregnancy happens. But when the issues arise with infertility in man or woman or both, couples need to go with fertility treatment. The process begins with medication for two to three weeks to suppress the natural menstrual cycle. When the eggs mature and are ready for the fertilization process, the doctors remove the eggs through a minor surgery called ‘egg retrieval.’ Then the specialist keeps the eggs in a glass tube in an environmentally controlled chamber and gets mixed with sperm (taken from a fertile father or a donor). After observing the process for a few weeks, one or two of the best embryos were selected for transfer. In the process of ‘Embryo transfer,’ more than one embryo is placed in the womb. The fertilized eggs enter the womb through the vagina. A healthy and successful pregnancy happens when embryos stick to the uterus lining through ‘test-tube baby treatment.’

Why and when do you need Test Tube Baby Treatment?

Having a baby is a natural tendency of every human. You are privileged to make it happen even after having fertility issues. You will make your baby just like any other couple, but your procedure will slightly differ from any other normal couple.

The following are the reasons:

• Blocked tubes due to infection or removal for ectopic pregnancy.

• Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

• Resistant cases of PCOS follicles do not develop well with simple stimulation protocols.

• If multiple follicles develop with the given stimulation protocol.

• Despite good development and timely rupture of follicles, the couple does not conceive even after 6-8 cycles of IUI or similar treatments.

• Grade III / Grade IV severe endometriosis at first laparoscopy.

• Moderate Grade II endometriosis cases were initially treated with COH and IUI. But if pregnancy is unachievable by the 6-cycles plan of IUI, then plan for IVF.

• Unexplained infertility – 10% of couples suffer from infertility without any identified reason.

• Initially, the couple goes through

• Clomiphene/Letrozole stimulation followed by IUI = 3 cycles

• HMG/FSH injections with IUI = 3 cycles

• Later, this couple if not conceived, we plan to commit IVF and ICSI for them.

• Women with decreased ovarian reserve commonly require a test tube baby.

• Women seeking pregnancy after 38 yrs benefited better with IVF treatment. Finally, the treatment of a test tube baby comes with lots of emotional phases.

Keeping the confidence and willpower within both couples is necessary. Mental stability and positive support help achieve success in the treatment. The need to give and receive unconditional love from your baby is always there. The baby will add meaning to your life, and. through test-tube baby treatment, you too can meet your expectations.

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