IVF – Precautions Post Embryo Transfer

IVF – Precautions Post Embryo Transfer

It is natural to have so many questions in mind when one decides to try IVF. One may be worried about its effectiveness and tends to have so many concerns about things one should or shouldn’t do after the embryos are transferred to the uterus.

Precautions Post Embryo Transfer

1. Don’t Have Intercourse

After the transfer of embryos, one should avoid sexual intercourse. If you continue to have sex, there is an increased risk of getting vaginal infections. Avoiding vaginal sex allows the ovaries to heal as well.

2. Avoid Heavy Lifting

It is advisable to stay away from any laborious activities. Do not lift weights and you need to be more careful during the first couple of weeks to follow this if you are pregnant. The ovaries are enlarged because of the IVF procedure and there is a risk of twisting of ovaries with heavy weight lifting. It is also beneficial to avoid any rigorous household work for some time.

3. Avoid Hot Baths

It is beneficial to avoid taking hot baths at least for the first two weeks. It is a precautionary measure as a foreign substance can enter the vagina and lead to infection. An infection at this stage can further lead to miscarriage. Moreover, one should not go for a spray jet after embryo transfer.

4. Avoid Exhaustive Workouts

Just like avoiding heavy weights lifting, heavy aerobics and exercises are not advisable after the IVF procedure. Rather one should go for light exercise such as walking to keep healthy.

5. Take Progesterone and other medication on time

Once embryo transfer is done, it is needed to ensure that your body has an adequate amount of progesterone. Without enough progesterone as in frozen embryo transfer cases, the body will not be able to maintain pregnancy. The body produces progesterone naturally, but one may also need to take artificial progesterone in injection to ensure adequate levels of progesterone in the body. Injections might be needed until the 12th week of your pregnancy, following which the body begins producing enough progesterone on its own.

6. Quit Smoking

Another important precaution after embryo transfer is to quit smoking. While smoking, you inhale toxins that might affect your pregnancy. It is equally necessary to avoid being in smoky atmospheres because passive smoke can also damage the uterus lining.

7. Avert Alcohol and Other Drugs

Avoid alcohol and other recreational drugs completely. It is also advisable to avoid caffeine and other drugs.

8. Avoid contact with sick people

As this may cause infections in you and hamper your chances. Take all precautions not to get infected by contaminated air, water or food. It's very important to drink clean water, avoid outside and packaged, store food, stay in a clean environment.

9. Diet and Rest

Avoid excess carbohydrates and a fatty diet as it may increase your weight and lead to insulin resistance. Consume a protein diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Non-veg, eggs can be consumed based on your dietary needs and body weight. A balanced nutritious diet is the key. One should take enough rest and have early nights. Complete bed rest is not advisable.

10. Positive Attitude

It is also required to maintain a positive attitude and abstain from being stressed about your pregnancy. Keeping a positive attitude really helps make things a lot easier after the IVF procedure.

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