Progesterone & Your Pregnancy

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Progesterone & Your Pregnancy

Progesterone commonly is known as the “pregnancy hormone” as it plays a significant role in helping a woman conceive and maintaining her overall well-being throughout the pregnancy. Usually, when a woman has her periods, her progesterone level reduces during the initial days. But when she ovulates, her progesterone level drastically increases for five to six days and then decreases. This hormone prepares the uterus to accept support for the fertilized egg to get implanted and maintain pregnancy.

Benefits of Progesterone

Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone that triggers the growth of uterine tissues. To prevent its overgrowth, progesterone plays the role to control and regulate the activity of estrogen. Doctors often try to monitor the natural progesterone production to help you stay away from miscarriage and healthily maintain your pregnancy to the maximum possible extent.

Other benefits include:

• Helping the bone growth and ensuring to protect from osteoporosis.

• Regulating body weight and boosting metabolism to burn calories.

• Reducing sweet cravings and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

• Normalizing salt levels and other body fluids.

Different Forms of Progesterone

Progesterone treatments come in different variants and one can choose the most convenient and suitable option based on their needs, as every case is unique.

• Vaginal gel

• Vaginal inserts

• Oral capsule that's inserted vaginally

• Injection, the most commonly used method

• Progesterone Patches

Progesterone Side Effects During Pregnancy

Studies have found the negative impact of using synthetic progesterone during pregnancy. It is revealed that these are often linked with birth defects, and it’s very important to be careful when undergoing HRTs (hormone replacement therapies). This is because synthetic progesterone is derived from the male hormone testosterone and is associated with various side effects.

Common Side Effects of Progesterone

• Drowsiness

• Bloating

• Hot flashes

• Depression

• Vaginal discharge.

• Urinary problems

• Dizziness

• Abdominal pain or cramping

• Headaches

• Breast tenderness

• Joint pain


Although progesterone greatly helps to build an optimum environment for the developing fetus during pregnancy, talking to your doctor about when and what form of progesterone supplement is best for you is highly important. Besides supporting the pregnancy, this hormone plays a crucial role in most infertility treatments. However, it is always recommended to keep an eye on the quantity and quality of your progesterone supplement to avoid unpleasant surprises. Consult your doctor at the right time and monitor yourself frequently when taking any hormone supplement.

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