Safe Motherhood

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Safe Motherhood

Every woman aspires for a beautiful baby and safe motherhood. Safe Motherhood assures that the health of the pregnant lady and her child is very optimal. The risks associated with childbearing for the mother and her baby can be greatly reduced if a woman is healthy and well-nourished before becoming pregnant.

If the lady is very healthy, not anaemic, not malnourished before pregnancy, the entire course of pregnancy and delivery becomes very joyful ending in a very healthy child. The post-delivery period also will be very uneventful and recovery becomes very smooth and rapid.

During pregnancy, she should consume a rich nutritious diet, lots of vegetables and fruits, have regular antenatal checkups, take iron and calcium supplements, immunize herself against tetanus, do a lot of antenatal exercises, follows yoga and Pranayama for physical and mental well being.

Safe Motherhood also involves educating the lady about complications of pregnancy, knowing the warning symptoms, to approach a doctor or trained personnel as soon as she experiences any of the warning symptoms.

She should always have a skilled birth attendant such as a doctor, nurse or midwife assisting her during childbirth and she should have timely access to specialized care if complications occur.

Post-birth care is also very essential for the mother and child for a period of 6 weeks post-delivery.

This also involves educating the young adolescent girls about healthy practices, the importance of exercise and nutritious food throughout their adolescent years.

Also educating the ladies about hazards of abortions, use of family planning methods, the hazards of sexually transmitted diseases and the use of permanent sterilization methods. Every lady has a right to healthy and safe Motherhood practices.

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