Stress in infertility

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Stress in infertility

Apart from the physical causes of infertility, mental and emotional issues also contribute to the problem of childlessness. In other words, emotional distress is a consequence and not a cause of infertility. The stress of demanding treatment protocols, daily ultrasound monitoring, blood drawn for hormonal assessments, injections, invasive procedures all together contribute to the physiological distress of the couple.

Apart from the routine procedures, the couple may have already experienced the disappointment of previous failed treatment cycles. The couple might be stretched too far financially also, paying for the high cost of treatment with no assurance of success. Several studies have suggested that emotional & psychological factors may be the leading cause of patient dropouts. Interaction of the point with each staff member from the administrative staff to the treating clinical influences the patient’s perspective of care & in turn, his or her stress levels. Sensitivity, warmth, patience & responsiveness create an environment of trust & support. Therapeutic counselling goes a long way in the reduction of stress in these couples. Explaining every step of treatment in detail with both the partners, spending time with them to clear their doubts & confusion, allaying their fear, reassuring them it's OK to be in this situation, making them get rid of their guilt goes a long way in making the couple stress free. Teaching them yoga for physical & mental well being, encouraging them to do pranayama or breathing exercises regularly, psychological counselling, behavioural therapy, psychiatrist help if necessary, all of these can help a couple to face the situation with strength & Tide away the crisis successfully.

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