What should I do if multiple IUIs have failed?

What should I do if multiple IUIs have failed?

Infertility has been increasing drastically due to lifestyle, stress, pollution, environmental conditions, etc. It is one of the most painful experiences to discover the inability to conceive due to one or more reasons. Well, every problem comes with a solution. Thankfully, Reproductive Medicine has also provided a solution to such issues through assisted reproductive technology. The IVF and IUI procedures have proved to be a boon to couples who now can turn their dream of having a baby into an amazing reality. Among the various ART procedures, intrauterine insemination IUI is the most common and preferred treatment as it is a relatively simple and cost-effective treatment.

What is IUI?

It is usually the first line of treatment for infertility, which involves retrieving sperms, identifying healthy sperms, and placing them directly into the uterus for further conception. The success of IUIs depends on various factors. Sometimes, it is less likely to conceive at the first IUI cycle.

How many IUIs cycles should you try?

When trying to conceive through IUI and you have failed the first attempt, the most common question is the number of times IUI can be attempted before moving on to a different procedure. The number of IUI cycles to be tried depends on the age of a woman and is generally between 3-6 cycles.

Apart from age, the success of IUI depends on several factors like:

• Quality of eggs.

• Quality of sperm.

• Ovulation.

• Endometrial lining.

If there is an issue with any of the above, IUI has chances of failure even with repeated attempts.

What should you do if multiple IUIs have failed?

Once you have failed with multiple attempts at IUI, the next step would be to proceed with an IVF. The egg and sperm are combined and developed in a laboratory setting to form a viable embryo with the IVF procedure. The embryo thus formed is placed inside the uterus to carry out further pregnancy. With ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) during an IVF, the chances of conception increase even with male factor infertility. With the above said, it is evident that the procedures require a lot of expertise, and you must consult a specialist who can guide you throughout the treatment process. So, if you have had IUI failure, you still have a chance to conceive. Approach the best fertility hospital near you to know more about these procedures. GarbhaGudi IVF Centre is among the top IVF centres, with its five branches located in different areas. Locate the one nearest to you and talk to your specialist. Our doctors have been treating infertility by performing these procedures with success rates. Some failures can be the beginning of subsequent success.

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