When & What Should You Consider to Evaluate for Pregnancy?

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When & What Should You Consider to Evaluate for Pregnancy?

Planning to have a baby is one of the biggest significant decisions in life, and it’s not uncommon to be overwhelmed when you are planning to get pregnant. Usually, women think that a missed monthly cycle is always a sign of pregnancy. However, some may experience early pregnancy symptoms, such as bleeding or even bleeding due to other medical conditions. It’s essential to visit a doctor at this point to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Before the baby-making process, it is better to take care of a few things, from existing medical conditions to fertility issues. Your previous medical history and lifestyle habits, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and other things, will be a matter of discussion between you and your doctor. Also, it is necessary to ensure that a woman is not more than or less than her BMI and if she's not, discussing the complications of being overweight or underweight is essential.

Why is this crucial?

The first consultation is required to discuss pregnancy planning or confirm the pregnancy with a specialist. In addition, your doctor will also find out about the risk factors that may affect your pregnancy. The purpose of this visit is to:

• Find out your health history

• Explore the medical history of family members

• Determine if you have any pregnancy complications based on your age, health, personal aspects

• You will be asked about previous pregnancy, period cycles, and other pregnancy-related pre-existing conditions.

Once you decide to have a baby, your doctor may advise you to follow a couple of things that speed up the process. Monitoring your weight, tracking your menstrual cycle to know about your ovulation, and getting intimate with your partner at least twice or thrice a week during your fertile window could be some of the factors. Also, it is said that the odds of a woman conceiving naturally declines by up to 50% after she reaches 35 years of age. Similarly, from the 40s, a man’s sperm quality and quantity gradually drop and affect the chances of getting pregnant. Therefore, age affects the fertility of both men and women, and it is one of the most critical factors that affect the chances of getting pregnant.

Even though you have a basic idea about pregnancy planning, you may have many questions about trying to conceive. Never hesitate to discuss your doctor, no matter how silly your questions are. Your doctor is the only right person who can offer you the right advice to help you get on your way.

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