Seeing the toothless smile of her baby is the foremost joy that a mother can experience. Hearing the babbling, seeing them sleep or listening to their cries gives untold happiness to the parents and this is what makes them feel that their family is complete. Unfortunately, some couples are unable to experience this as easily as others. Such couples need some form of treatment from capable and qualified doctors. Some of these treatment programs take time and the couple has to stay committed to the treatment process, to see some results.

Taking treatment in a city that is not their own is challenging for couples. The treatment process itself is stressful and demanding – financially, physically, emotionally and psychologically. In addition to that, there is additional stress for couples if they have to run around finding a safe place to stay, that can guarantee hygiene and comfort, but at an affordable cost. Some treatment such as IVF requires the couples to stay at the city of treatment for 1-2 months, depending on the treatment stage and treatment plan. This is not easy and makes the IVF journey for couples that much more challenging and tough. Additional stress adversely affects the outcome of the treatment.

Considering all this, and keeping couples’ grievances in mind, GarbhaGudi has created a new program called as GarbhaGriha. GarbhaGriha is a new initiative of GarbhaGudi, which provides comfortable accommodation for the woman taking treatment, at a safe and secure place, that is managed by GarbhaGudi. As an initial offer, we are providing this facility FREE of cost for non-Bangalore couples, taking fertility treatment at GarbhaGudi IVF Centre.

This gives many benefits to the couple

1. They get a safe, hygienic and comfortable place to stay during the treatment

2. Injections and medication will be provided at the place of stay by qualified and trained staff of GarbhaGudi, thereby reducing the travel time and stress to the couple

3. The facility is close to our HanumanthNagar centre and so patients' travel time is cut significantly

4. Monitoring and support can be provided in cases of emergencies

5. And all this at zero cost for the patient as an inaugural offer.

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