Best in Class Facilities

Best in Class Facilities

Becoming a mother is a beautiful experience. It is nature’s gift to women. But sometimes due to some mishaps unfortunate things happen and becoming a mother or a parent doesn’t become a reality. So couples prefer to take IVF treatment to achieve parenthood.

We at GarbhaGudi are known for our top-class treatments and at affordable prices with unparalleled success rates. We have never compromised with our service to our patients. We believe in giving the best treatment at a reasonable cost. Our centres are equipped with the best infrastructure and advanced apparatus to handle any challenging cases that come our way. Our technologies and machines are up-to-date and are available 24*7 for our patients. We have expertise fertility doctors, a dedicated team of staff, and well-trained medical faculties all available around the clock.

Our centre has the exceptional infrastructure to perform various tests and procedures. We are a renowned infertility department and our standards are of international grade facilitated with many distinguished awards. We are most recommended for IVF treatments which set our class apart. We have cost-effective plans for the less fortunate ones which become easier for the patients to take up the treatment without hesitation.

We offer superlative medical service without compromising which has thus given us high success rates in IVF. From your fertility tests to your pregnancy confirmation, your every step is monitored by our experts and given utmost care. To date, we have treated more than 6000 couples and this is proof of our dedication and hard work towards our patients. We have a well-equipped laboratory that helps us deliver quality treatment to our patients who come across the globe.

Dr Asha S Vijay, MBBS, DGO, DNB & FRM Germany, Medical Director, GarbhaGudi & GGIRHR is the head behind this idea and is supported by many talented doctors and staff. With her vast knowledge and skills, she has been able to deliver high success rates in the fertility field. She has a very profound vision and is very much dedicated to it helping numerous unhappy couples to become happy families. She has a very good dedicated medical staff who are very helpful and cordial and are always round the clock whenever you need them.

As each case is different and varies from one another, we at GarbhaGudi believe in offering personalized treatments to every individual. Every patient is counselled before taking through the IVF treatment and see that they are prepared well to take up the IVF cycle whatever the result may.