Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

GarbhaGudi Holistic therapy can help address all symptoms, whether they’re mental, physical, emotional, or even spiritual.

There’s an emerging and growing body of research around the benefits of holistic therapy. Holistic therapy can help improve overall mental well-being and may offer benefits for:

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Stress

• Family communication

• Addiction

• Trauma

• Chronic Pain

Yoga is often used as part of holistic therapy. Starting holistic therapy will likely be very similar to regular therapy.

Our Yoga therapist will work to develop a plan of treatment based on individual needs, preferences, and experiences. They’ll likely do a thorough intake to understand the history before diving into treatment.

There’s a wide range of forms that holistic therapy can take, and experience will ideally be highly Individualistic.

Holistic therapy seeks to enhance the mind-body-soul connection to improve well-being, lower stress, and help to reduce trauma responses.

Our Holistic therapy includes: Counselling, Meditation, Pranayama, Breathing exercises, and Yoga Asanas.

Our Programme on Yogic sciences is Divided in Two Segments:

1. Yoga (Asanas)

2. Counselling (Emotion, anxiety, negative, diet, and lifestyle).

Under Counselling, we undertake:

1. How to handle emotions (Depression/Negativity)

2. Anxiety after IUI or IVF treatments

3. What dietary pattern one should follow:

a. while taking hormonal injections

b. during and after egg retrieval/semen collection

c. during and after embryo implantation

d. during pregnancy

Following proper diet will help in Endometrium Thickness, Control weight, diabetics, and thyroid.

4. Lifestyle changes required for successful pregnancy. Here following points are taken care of:

a. Weight loss

b. Thyroid

c. Diabetic

d. Marital issues


5. Stress management: - How to tackle Sleeplessness/ Insomnia and work and home-related stress.

Yoga is divided into three segments: Parivarthana, Sthapana, and Poshana.


All GarbhaGudi patients come under this programme where normal asanas and exercises are taught by our expert yoga therapist. Following come under this heading:

a. Loosening exercise

b. Standing asanas

c. Sitting asanas

d. Prone asanas

e. Supine asanas

f. Pranayama

g. Relaxation technique

All asanas include balancing and twisting postures. Our expert takes these classes in a group according to their health requirements.


This is exclusively for patients who are undergoing IVF or IUI treatments. Different exercises/asanas are taught to these patients depending upon what treatment they are undergoing – IVF/IUI/FET/Injections Day 2 to day 15. They are not given any prone pose asanas or exercises. Our Yoga expert decides about what is to be given to whom depending upon one’s health issues and also what treatment they are taking.


This programme is meant for couples who are taking IVF/IUI treatment. Pranayama and meditation are prescribed for them. Our expert takes online group sessions from the day prior to embryo implantation and continues through the waiting period for positive results and confirmed pregnancy till delivery.

Yoga is so much more than physical exercise. It’s a lifestyle discipline that embraces and strengthens the connection between the mind, body, and soul. The science of Yoga originated in ancient India with the intention of connecting emotional tranquillity, mental balance, and overall physical health. In fact, the term “Yoga” actually means Samadhi. It’s about a union of the body, mind, and emotions that goes much further than any physical set of exercises. The practice seeks to create a lifestyle where positive thinking, harmony, calmness, and gratitude are just as important as physical health.

The poses we do in Yoga practice contribute to this deeper sense of connectedness and holistic alignment.

Yoga can improve fertility in combination with other fertility treatments. It cannot directly improve sperm or egg quality, but it can be an important part of a fertility-promoting lifestyle.

Yoga is an awesome method of preparing the body for pregnancy. It helps reduce stress, hormones and overall can help feel well in body, mind and soul.

Yoga is a gentle exercise that nearly all people can do in one way or another. Yoga is excellent because it helps our bodies achieve balance in many ways including:

• Improving Circulation

• Reducing Stress

• Balancing your Immune System

Many poses that are part of a “fertility yoga” help bring energetic blood flow to the reproductive areas.

Walking is also a great way to get outside depending on the season.

Fertility specialists recommend against rigorous and high-intensity exercise to increase fertility when trying to get pregnant. Too much exercise can negatively impact both male and female fertility. Infertility is not limited just to physical illness but is connected to all aspects of life including social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

The demands of infertility treatment can overwhelm even the most resilient individual and leave the person feeling depressed and anxious.

It is well documented that emotional distress levels rise as the intensity and duration of infertility treatment increases. To manage stress more effectively, you need to understand your body’s stress response. This is taken care of by our specialist yoga therapist.

Chronic or persistent stress happens when the stressors are uncompromising, as they can be while getting into an infertility treatment. Chronic stress can damage almost every system of the body, and it can worsen conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and chronic pain.

Having a healthy, comfortable pregnancy involves eating well and staying active of course, but it also includes getting support, addressing stress, and considering spiritual questions.

Pregnancy and childbirth are obviously physical events, but they are much more than that - they represent a major life transition. The changes that occur with pregnancy and childbirth affect your whole life: your identity, your relationships, your values, and your beliefs. So, it makes sense to consider body, mind, and soul during your pregnancy and childbirth.

A holistic approach can help you:

• Have the healthiest pregnancy possible

• Achieve the best possible overall wellbeing during pregnancy

• Increase your chances for a natural progression of labour

• Alleviate the risks posed by pain medications and other medical interventions

Our holistic approach combines healthy food with physical exertion that will make you feel good from inside. We assist you in achieving a body that is free from diseases and mental peace that will fill your life with excitement and happiness.

You need a healthy lifestyle in this world which is highly competitive and throws challenges at each and every turn. A healthy body has a sharp mind that will catch up with the pace to get the desired success.

The excess intake of unhealthy food and no physical activity can lead to lifestyle diseases that can prove fatal to your life. Therefore, you need a guide to get back into the health and fitness wagon that will give a disease-free life. Therefore, following a healthy lifestyle is important to get a fit body that keeps the diseases away.

Our expert counsellors and specialists will advise you effective tips to improve your lifestyle. The healthy lifestyle tips will motivate you to transform your way of living that can bring positive effects mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Everyone has different requirements for their body. So, we offer customized solutions for you that you can integrate easily into your life. Our holistic approach is designed to eliminate the lifestyle diseases from the life that holds you back from achieving your potential.

We at GarbhaGudi are committed to helping you with the lifestyle changes that will give you success. The diet and exercises are tailored to meet your body requirements, as we know that you are different from others. We analyze your problem to determine what suits you and what not to suggest the healthy food and exercise that will promote wellness.

The common diet will overwhelm you with unrealistic goals consequently. Our healthy lifestyle tips are different as we take time to know you better. We will know your potentials and limitations. It will help in developing lifestyle changes that are easily achievable. Following the plan will keep your lifestyle diseases away to give you a fit body that radiates health.