GarbhaGudi has been reaching out to couples facing infertility and in the process growing steadily. But as it’s said, growth doesn’t happen in isolation. With this intention, we aim to forge strong partnerships with like-minded associates and in turn bring benefits to both patients who will get the best of treatment options at affordable costs and to partners who wish to grow their business through the strong branding of GarbhaGudi.

One such partnership we offer is where GarbhaGudi and another hospital/organization can enter into a partnership to co-invest and operate a new fertility branch or clinic. The services that can be provided in such a setup can be decided based on the space available, the potential of the locality, competitors in that area, the quantum of investment and the feasibility of services provided.

Some of the benefits of this partnership program are:

• Providing additional services to existing patients of the organization

• Increased revenue due to additional patients

• Share of profit from the partnership program

• Training and hands-on support for the staff of the partner for treating infertility patients

• Learning about the latest protocols and treatment options that GarbhaGudi regularly upgrades based on international research

• Access to fertility specialists, Embryologists and Andrologists of GarbhaGudi

For more details, contact:

Jayaram R

Associate Vice President - Business Development