World Class Fertility Care

World Class Fertility Care

GarbhaGudi (IVF) Centre, established and successfully functioning as one of the leading fertility centres in Bangalore. With thousands of success stories of IVF pregnancy, couples with various short-term and long-term infertility issues are treated at our centre.

GarbhaGudi IVF Centres are armoured with world-class state-of-art-infrastructure, expertise fertility doctors, advanced medical equipment, modern technology infertility treatments and dedicated support staff.

With a primary focus on first-time success in your pregnancy, our centre has excellent infrastructure to conduct various procedures and tests in different phases. Our IVF reviews have been long past thousands, still forthcoming and among these are newborn babies where the ecstatic moments and happiness of parents went beyond reach.

Most renowned and professionally maintained with International standards, GarbhaGudi IVF Centre is the most recommended and reputed for IVF treatments, with affordable treatment costs in Bangalore.

Distinct Services

Offering unparalleled medical services with an excellent IVF success rate, our infertility centre treatments are cost-effective while bringing you the most efficient and world-class IVF & surrogacy centre services as well.

IVF Pregnancy

From the point of “fertility tests” to the happiest phase of “IVF pregnancy” GarbhaGudi Fertility (IVF) Centre, you will have access to the best guidance, maternal care and nurturing both in terms of diet, medical supervision and complete care throughout the trimesters.

About Dr Asha S Vijay - Gynaecologist & Obstetrician

Dr Asha S Vijay – A commander of infertility treatment, a proficient academician, an accomplished entrepreneur and a social visionary!!!- Founder & Medical Director of GarbhaGudi IVF Centres.

Dr Asha has well over two decades of experience in obstetrics, gynaecology and infertility. Dr Asha has been instrumental in creating happy endings in the lives of more than 8500+ couples by ensuring they have a child of their own. With her immense knowledge, expertise, skills and cutting-edge medical technology, she has been ready to produce high success rates within the field of infertility. She is very dedicated to her vision and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the couple can bring home a healthy baby and luxuriate in parenthood.

The Team

Dr Asha has a team of well-trained professionals at GarbhaGudi IVF to manage equipment and medical assistants who are humble, cordial and respectful to you and are down-to-earth in their politeness, etiquette. There is more than 150 paramedical staff working to attend to our clients 24/7.

Located across Bangalore with 5-branches and many more yet to come, GarbhaGudi has been actively inviting the locals, tourists and visitors to take the benefit of getting to know more about the clinic and derive the benefits.

With over 5-centres in Bangalore, GarbhaGudi IVF is successful in giving hope to thousands of couples suffering from infertility. With over 8500+ successful pregnancies in the last 10-years, GarbhaGudi IVF Fertility is the beacon of hope for many couples who want to tread on the path of parenthood. The world-class facility of GarbhaGudi fertility centre uses the latest equipment needed for diagnostic and treatment purposes for reproductive health care.

GarbhaGudi IVF Fertility boasts of a team of highly qualified Infertility Specialists, Gynaecologists, Nurses, Andrologists, Counsellors, Embryologists and Diagnostic Technicians who are the best in their respective fields. They approach all cases with care and sensitivity to offer patients maximum attention and luxury.

GarbhaGudi offers all its patients, personalised treatment to make sure that their plan is unique to their issue. Each patient is counselled and is taken through the entire treatment plan carefully. We also offer 0% EMI options for patients who require it. We offer an accommodation facility under GarbhaGriha, for patients' transport convenience.

At its fertility centre in Bangalore, GarbhaGudi is armoured with state-of-the-art laboratory and technical equipment, to help deliver international quality treatments and reproductive healthcare solutions. The centre offers both male and feminine fertility treatments.