Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

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The desire of becoming a mother undoubtedly is every woman’s wish but it is also accompanied by a lot of fear when it comes to conceiving early for the fear of not being able to conceive if pregnancy is delayed.

Should you think of egg freezing?

Career success, travel to a dream destination, pursuing a passion, learning an art, experiencing an adventure, craving for some me-time, are all these on your priority list? Well, go for it !!! and chase your dreams. Egg Freezing now empowers you to nurture your dreams and postpone your pregnancy by freezing and preserving your eggs.

Is the exhaustible quantity of eggs daunting you?

Beyond a question of doubt, your ovaries come with a limited supply of eggs for your entire lifetime. The quantity of eggs produced diminishes with advancing age and this is what instils fear when thinking of delaying the pregnancy.

Know the technique

Egg freezing also known as oocyte cryopreservation is a technique in which a woman’s eggs are retrieved, frozen, and then stored. This gives women of reproductive age the potential to conceive when desired.

After assessing the ovarian reserve to determine the number of oocytes produced, ovarian stimulation is performed using hormonal drugs. Following this, under sedation, the eggs and the fluid in the ovarian follicles are vaginally aspirated. These eggs are then observed under the microscope for maturity. Once mature eggs are obtained, they are sent for freezing or cryopreservation at sub-zero temperatures to block all the biological activity of the egg. These eggs are then preserved to be used at a later date.

Certain special methods are utilized for the freezing of eggs:

Utilizing cryoprotectants – A substance used for protecting tissue from damage due to freezing.

Slow freezing – This technique allows slow freezing of the eggs to prevent the formation of intracellular ice crystals. This method initially uses cryoprotectants in low concentration and then in high concentration after there is a decline in the biologic activity of the egg.

Vitrification – This technique involves the initial use of high-concentration cryoprotectants to not allow any time for the formation of ice crystals. This is the most preferred and widely popular technique.

With all these techniques, your eggs are preserved to get your baby into you once you are ready for it.

The day you are ready to plan your family, these frozen eggs are placed in a warming solution. The eggs are then assessed for viability. The eggs that have survived the freezing process are further fertilized through ICSI by injecting a single sperm into the egg directly. Once it is fertilizing and the embryo develops, it is ready to be implanted in the uterus for a successful pregnancy.

Can you store your eggs for a long duration?

A brief analysis has revealed no negative effects on the long-term storage of eggs; however, the available data lists up to 4 years.

Apart from professional, personal, and social reasons, there are certain medical reasons where you could consider egg freezing. Some of these reasons are:

• Ovarian disorders or damage to the ovaries due to surgery.

• Women receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

• Removal of ovaries for genetic mutations.

• Premature ovarian failure.

• Chromosomal abnormalities

The procedure requires specialized skills and cautious and careful monitoring throughout the process. So, choose carefully and decide judiciously. Your decision now could be the key to your endless joy in the future.

The cost of the egg freezing procedure differs from city to city and one facility to another. Do not let the fear of cost ruin your plans of living your life to the fullest. There are many centres that perform egg freezing at affordable costs. Choose the one that is budget-friendly for you.

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