MACS procedure allows choosing the most viable sperm for successful fertilization.

What is MACS?

Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting (MACS) is an immunomagnetic technique that enables the selection of the sperms that shows no signs of cell damage or death (also called apoptosis) which means their entire DNA remains intact.

For achieving pregnancy through ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) the most crucial factor is the quality of the semen. Among the various factors which affect the quality of the semen, Apoptotic sperm is one among them. The Apoptotic sperm may be removed from the sample using this method as their cell membranes contain the markers that may be detected. Thus the quality of the semen may be improved by this technique. Magnetic-activated cell sorting is one of the most efficient methods for the reduction of sperm DNA fragmentation in men with varicocele before performing Assisted Reproductive Techniques. The semen parameters in men with varicocele exhibit higher level of abnormalities which include apoptotic markers, DNA fragmentation, etc

In what cases is (MACS) indicated?

This technique may be used with all types of patients for ART(Assisted Reproductive Techniques) but mainly used for

• For the artificial insemination treatment

• In patients with a high level of DNA fragmentation in the sperm sample

• In cases where the cause for repeated miscarriages is unidentified

• In cases where one IVF cycle has failed or in cases where the quality of the embryo is poor which is not attributable to the eggs

• Poor implantation rates

What is the procedure of MACS?

MACs technique is a simple, non-invasive, technique that will efficiently reduce DNA fragmentation in infertile patients prior to ART.

Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting is a procedure that isolates the healthy sperms from the unhealthy sperms. The semen is passed through a magnetic field in a separating column. The dead and apoptotic sperms are retained within the separation columns whereas the good quality live sperms get collected separately. MACS are helped to attain better pregnancy rates and reduce implantation failures therefore it is mainly employed in cases of poor implantation rate, repeated IVF failures, and high DNA fragmentation in sperms. Once the sperms are separated the eggs are fertilized by ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm Injection) which is a micromanipulation technique employed in IVF treatment where the healthy sperm is injected into the cytoplasm of the egg using a fine needle. ICSI does not depend upon the ability of the sperm to move on its own and attach itself to the egg. The cellular process of fertilization occurs inside the egg which has got to happen naturally. MACS is indicated in patients with a higher index of DFI (DNA Fragmentation Index) greater than 25% which indicates poor DNA integrity. IVF/ICSI techniques are performed once the sperms are separated using MACS.

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