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OT Technician

OT Technician

Qualification: DOTT

Experience: 2 years

Location: Bangalore

The Operating Room Technician is responsible for the care and safety of all patients under his/her care. Included within this assignment is the responsibility for ensuring effective communication with the charge nurse, the patient, staff, physicians, and other hospital departments.
Job Responsibilities

• Keep the OT room clean and ensure hygiene, sterilization, asepsis, fumigation, disinfection protocols are carried out before and after surgery/procedure to ensure safety conditions of patient and staff.

• Keep all the equipment cleaned and disinfected; sterilization of equipment correctly.

• Ensure all emergency drugs are stocked and kept ready, oxygen cylinders are filled, in working condition, patient intubation trolley is prepared, all equipment is sterilized and packed, and circuits are in perfect working condition before surgery/procedure.

• Prepare OT for procedure/surgery. Ensure all the emergency drugs, equipment and instruments are kept ready before the procedure.

• Prepare patients for surgery, ensure safe positioning of patients before surgery, throughout the surgery, and while shifting the patients.

• Assist the doctors and nursing staff throughout the surgery and not be left unattended.

• Patients should be treated with utmost dignity, respond to the patient's query with maximum empathy, and communicate politely while moving or shifting the patients.

• All the postoperative activities should be carried out to prepare the OT for the following scheduled surgery/procedure.

• Clean all the operators, fumigate the OT, Autoclave all the instruments, and pack. Keep gowns clean ensure gauze cutting and folding are done.

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